Prenosis, Inc. is leading a paradigm-shifting revolution in the healthcare industry. We envision a day not so far in the future when the vast majority of diseases are detected and prevented well before debilitating symptoms present themselves.

To make this dream a reality, Prenosis has a three-part vision:

Dramatically increase the frequency of testing.  Prenosis is porting the power of traditional diagnostic labs to the comfort and convenience of local testing centers and patient’s homes with novel devices.  Our vision is to one day enable diagnostic tests that are so inexpensive, convenient, and painless that billions of people around the world will be testing themselves several times a day to collect a wide variety of critical biometrics.

Develop a comprehensive health database.  Prenosis will enable the development of the first multidimensional health database that will handle the plethora of data outputted by ubiquitous biosensors all linked to the Cloud.  This database will be the key component that will eventually allow us to predict the onset of diseases before symptoms are exhibited.

Develop a new field of “pre-symptomatic” medicine.  The dramatic increase in frequency of testing combined with a comprehensive database of biometrics from billions of patients will inspire a new field of pre-medicine – therapeutic strategies used to pre-treat  diseases before symptoms manifest themselves after they have been pre-diagnosed  by the relevant diagnostic techniques.